The Progressive Woman

Between the Lines with Clare Bedford

August 14, 2020 Season 1 Episode 34
The Progressive Woman
Between the Lines with Clare Bedford
Show Notes

Isn’t it interesting that just when we think we have worked through ‘that thing’ it comes in again swinging. 

If it said anything it would say 

“Are you sure you’ve rid of me”?

Think again.

I’m ok with the shadows, I do see how profound they make life. We wouldn’t feel light, love and joy if we didn’t feel darkness and sit with the darkest parts of ourselves. 

Every step into the light we choose to take, the dark will show up too. It will create some greys and it will break open our colourful chest of crayons, test those heart strings and bend our minds. 

When calling in another mentor/coach  who could push me to the edge, rattle my cage, hear the things I wasn’t saying and hand back the power to me to change, I was sure no one could handle me. ‘I’m too much’ says old me. 

Today my mind and heart have been broken open and light is cracking through. With hope and vision, with nervousness and excitement, with fears pooling into my eyes. 

She asks ‘are you worried that no one will show up for who you are’ A hard YES hit me like a tonne of bricks. In business, love, friendships, in every way there was still a belief that I wasn’t FULLY worthy of being ‘stood’ with. 

Woah. My heart hurt, blood racing & a massive realisation that this worthiness is a lifetimes work. 

One step at a time. 

"I would like to pay my respects to the traditional owners of the land in which we work on and with, the land of the Wadawurrang people. I pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and Emerging"
 Music: 'Guardians' by Caleb Etheridge 
 Production: The Storyteller Co.

 Let's Rise x