The Progressive Woman

The red threads of life with Loren Honey

January 17, 2021 Clare Bedford Season 2 Episode 3
The Progressive Woman
The red threads of life with Loren Honey
Show Notes

Today we speak with Loren Honey, Wild Woman Activator and Coach, breath work facilitator and author of Sacred Seasons. This Aquarian souled goddess opens up about the threads of her life cycles and the cycles of women.

Loren shares her journey of deepening her feminine, her Māori lineage and delving into her Ngai Te Rangi ancestry to then weave these learnings into her souls work.

She shares her upbringing growing up off grid in nature and the transition to city life in Auckland. 
Lorens passion extends potently into the archetypes of the wild woman and we discuss areas of a woman's life not always spoken about such as anger and coping and healing methods and rituals around how we can honour this natural part of life.

We have an open and honest conversation about her marriage ending at 28 which she feels was a large turning point for her and the unravel and exploration of self.

Safe to say we are open wide here, many laughs but also very important threads that many women ( if not all) can relate to. 

As we dive into Loren's story and share each of our perspectives and experiences we invite you to lean into your own story. 
Have you felt similar? 
Do you resonate? and if so how? 
As we share our stories we give permission for ourselves to rise above the narratives and honour our unique journeys. Plus we give permission for others to deepen too, we can raise the frequencies of each other by storytelling, sharing and connecting. 
If you've resonated with this episode or any of Season 1 we would love to hear from you by leaving a comment, subscribing or sharing with another woman who may need to hear these stories.
"I would like to pay my respects to the traditional owners of the land in which we work on and with, the land of the Wadawurrang people. I pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and Emerging"
Music: 'Eyes of Wonder' by Caleb Etheridge 
Production: The Storyteller Co.
Guest Speaker: Loren Honey
Let's Rise x