The Progressive Woman

Belonging as a Woman of Colour with Kemi Nekvapil

August 29, 2021 Clare Bedford Season 2 Episode 8
The Progressive Woman
Belonging as a Woman of Colour with Kemi Nekvapil
Show Notes

Today we are speaking with Kemi Nekvapil, a powerful woman, author, coach and mother.

This connection was divinely aligned as Kemi was an inspiration for my own voice and taking actions on my dreams. Our time together in a coaching container inspired me to speak with her about her story and the threads of her life.

We speak of her journey through her five foster families from age two and the threads of  worthiness, belonging and owning her story of being a woman of colour.
Kemi shares the moments of her voice not being heard and where she stood in her power along the way. 
Now as an accredited Coach and space holder for women to own their power, she shares her defining  moments that changed the course of her life, and how this has shown up in her work today. 

She's worked harder than most, humble, grounded and an inspiring woman of strength and grace. This is her story.

As we dive into Kemi’s story and share each of our perspectives and experiences we invite you to lean into your own story. 
Have you felt similar? 
Do you resonate? and if so how? 

As we share our stories we give permission for ourselves to rise above the narratives and honour our unique journeys. Plus we give permission for others to deepen too, we can raise the frequencies of each other by storytelling, sharing and connecting. 

If you've resonated with this episode or any of Season 1 we would love to hear from you by leaving a comment, subscribing or sharing with another woman who may need to hear these stories.
 Music: 'Eyes of Wonder' by Caleb Etheridge 

Production: The Storyteller Co.
 Guest Speaker: Kemi Nekvapil 


Let's Rise x